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About the National Chrysanthemum Society

Object of the Society

The Special Object of the Society shall be to promote the cultivation of the chrysanthemum 

  1. by means of Exhibitions, Conferences, Judging Courses and Lectures. 
  2. by awarding Certificates of Merit and Medals at the Exhibitions of the Society 
  3. by the issue of such publications as from time to time may be deemed necessary and by such means as the Committee may, from time to time, see fit to adopt and generally to do all such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above object which shall, in the opinion of the Officers and Trustees, be of benefit to the Society.

Our Overarching Objective (Vision)

“A sustainable, vibrant and engaged Society that upholds its objectives”

Our Purpose (Mission)

“To enhance the social, physical & mental wellbeing of individuals & communities by promoting the growing and showing of Chrysanthemums.”

NCS Rule Book

Board of Trustees

Ian Moss is the Chair of our Board of Trustees

Roger Brownbridge is a Trustee

John Pattison is a Trustee

Executive Committee

Geoff Allen is the Chair of the Executive Committee

Jim Vickerman is the Vice Chair of the Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee consists of the Management Team and six Representatives, each of the Provincial Groups. Each member holds a voting position on the Society's Executive Committee. Group Representatives may also be Members of the Management Team.

Members may be co-opted to Committee at any time should the need arise.

Management Team

General Manager

Jim Vickerman


Andy Wickham


Ian Moss

Memberships & Sales

Sally Vickerman

Promotional Development

Geoff Allen


Mrs Ann Allen

Social Media

Neil Cooper


Richard Watson


Mrs Jackie Parkes


Roger Brownbridge

NCS 175

John Pattison

Sales Fulfilment

Barry & Daphne Hogg


Regional Group Representative

Midland - Dave Hubball

Northern - Alan Smith

Scottish - Brian Grant

Southern - Vacancy

South Wales - Ivor Mace

Western – Colin Parkes